uSPr eF2 | Protected Sensor Series

Our uSkin Protect models are specifically designed for integration onto robotic grippers.

These models are regular Patch Sensors, encapsulated for protection and fit the specific gripper. 

Additionally, the microcontrollers are also already embedded within the fingertip.

This specific sensor was designed to be used as a fingertip for the F2-140 and F2-85 grippers by ROBOTIQ. 

For more info about the F2-140 integration, please click here.

For more info about the F2-85 integration, please click here.


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Since our sensors are highly customisable and different for each individual application, the price varies.



For each taxel
Product Code
uSPr eF2
Sensor Type
Protected tri-axial tactile sensor module, each individual sensor measures 3 axis force (x, y, z)
4x6 taxels in each fingertip
Sensor per Module
53.2 x 33.2 x 16.8 mm
Outer Layer
Soft skin sensor surface
Requires only 4 wires for connection

Microcontroller Details

In addition to our sensor modules, you also need uSmc (microcontrollers) to read our sensor signals.
Cable Lengths (in cm)
30, 50, 90 (between sensor and uSmc)
Connection Options
Up to 10 uSPa 11, uSPa 21 and uSPa 22 can be connected to the same uSmc with our custom break out board.

Each uSPa 44 and uSPa 46 needs its own uSmc.
Connecting to PC
Up to 15 uSmc can be daisy chained (connected one to the other), and only one of them needs to be connected to the PC with a CAN2USB converter. 

For Windows and LINUX, we currently suggest the esd CAN-USB/2. If you only require LINUX, we recommend the VScom USB-CAN Plus.


Mirco Controller


Mirco Controller


Add On


Below are the measurements for the uSPr eF2.

All measurements are in mm.


Get Your tactile Sensor

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