Provides the Human Sense of Touch to Robots

High-density 3-axis Tactile Sensing


The company was founded in August 2018 as a spin-out from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. We are a hardware and software company specialised in tactile sensing technology, established to provide the human sense of touch to robots. In addition to providing our tactile sensors, XELA Robotics also specialises in integrating them into various robot hands and grippers.

Tactile Sensors

Hardware Development

The development of the uSkin Sensor is our primary focus. Our tactile sensors are capable of measuring 3-axis force, which sets them apart from traditional sensors that only measure pressure.

These sensors can be customised to suit your specific application, providing robots with a human-like sense of touch. With this technology, robots can now grasp and manipulate objects with precision.

Sensor Integration

For Robot Hands & Grippers

In addition to providing tactile sensors, XELA Robotics also specialises in integrating them into various robot hands and grippers.

Because uSkin Sensors provide digital output, only minimal wiring is necessary to collect all sensor measurements. With our integrated solutions you can start collecting tactile data with your gripper immediately.

Tactile AI Software

Software Development

We are currently rolling out new features for our upcoming UAi Software and UAi App, which will provide an improved uSkin experience for our users.

The upcoming software solution features functions such as slip detection, grasp success prediction, tactile object recognition, and many more to benefit you.

Potential Solutions

The uSkin sensor technology has the potential to open doors for many industries.

For example, the automation of picking orders in a warehouse environment remains a complex problem which has prevented warehouses from realising the piece-picking automation.

Large warehouses contain millions of different products simultaneously, and these items must be stowed, stored, organised, and retrieved to fulfil a customer’s order. By integrating uSkin sensors, companies could finally fully automate their warehouses.

To see the full range of potential solutions, please visit our solutions page.

Our Integrations

XELA Robotics specialises in integrating uSkin sensors onto robot hands and grippers, providing advanced tactile sensing capabilities for various robotic applications.

The integration of uSkin sensors allows for robots to have a more human-like sense of touch, enabling them to perform complex tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Please visit our Integration page to learn more about our uSkin integrations.

Use Cases

This use case demonstrates the capabilities of our uSkin sensors in gripping and opening the zipper of a deformed cloth bag.

The use case showcases the ability of our technology to provide robots with advanced tactile sensing capabilities, allowing them to perform complex tasks with precision and ease.

Please visit our use case page to review all our most recent use cases.


What our clients have to say about working with us.
Read their testimonials and learn how our services have helped them achieve their goals.

"The Allegro Hand with the uSkin Curved sensors were delivered on time. The customer service was very reactive and always there to address inquiries and provide support. The sensors offer rich information whether the applied force is relatively small or high; their curved design makes them very convenient for dexterous manipulation."

Dounia Kitouni

PhD Student at Sorbonne University

“uSkin has helped us to come up with many new innovative ideas for the future robotic applications of Tokyo Robotics.”

Dr. Yoshihiro Sakamoto

CEO of Tokyo Robotics

“The sensor was delivered on time with in-depth instructions and works reliably for our manipulation research.”

Dr. Fumiya Iida

Professor at Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

“uSkin was easy to implement in our robot and it provides the high-quality tactile feedback necessary for our research.”

Dr. Lorenzo Jamone

Senior Lecturer in Robotics at the Queen Mary University of London.

“The rich tactile information provided by the uSkin sensor has benefited our assembly robotics.”

Dr. Felix von Drigalski

Senior Researcher at OMRON SINIC X