Our Integrations
Allegro Hand (curved)
Allegro Hand Curved

by WONIK Robotics

Type: Robot Hand

The curved design of the fingertips allows for a more natural interaction with the object and will provide you with a more detailed data collection.

In addition, flat sensors are used to cover the other phalanges and the palm.

All tactile information from the whole hand can be obtained with 70 Hz over just two cables (CAN bus).

The soft skin enables gentle interaction with the environment, and this model features encapsulated microcontrollers for protection.


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Since our sensors are highly customisable and different for each individual application, the price varies.


Integrated uSkin Sensors

For more detailed information, please find all the integrated sensors below.
Type of sensor
Product code
Sensor modules
Taxels per module
In total
368 tri-axial tactile sensors

30 in each fingertip

16 in each phalange

62 in thumb

78 in each finger (except thumb)

72 in each palm


Please download all the data below
uS11 Manual
uS11 EMBED Manual
uSkin Sensor Data Sheet