Tactile Sensors

Discover our 3D Tactile Sensing solutions, designed to emulate the human sense of touch.
This page details our range of sensors, features and functionalities.

uSkin Sensor

High-density 3-axis tactile sensors

Our company developed uSkin, a high-density 3-axis tactile sensor in a thin, soft, durable package with minimal wiring. uSkin can be easily integrated into both new and existing robots.

We offer a wide range of sensors for various applications, and we can also customise the sensor to meet your specific needs.

Types of Sensors

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Our sensors are available in different categories, each with a specific purpose.
Choose the ideal sensor for you application or contact us to develop your own customised uSkin model.

Custom Request
Develop Your Specialised uSkin Sensor

We recognise the diverse needs of our clients and offer a variety of customisation options to ensure our sensors align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Our team is committed to exploring all possibilities with you, ensuring a tailored solution that precisely meets your needs.

Contact us to start a conversation about how we can tailor our technology to fit your project's unique demands.

Key Features

Specification Highlights

Explore the key features and benefits of our tactile sensors. For more information, check out our software page to see a comprehensive list of all the upcoming and active features, and discover how our technology can meet your specific needs.

High Density 3D Sensing
Measure 3-axis Touch

Every sensor module includes multiple sensors, and every sensor can measure 3-axis touch, not only perpendicular force.

The uSkin 4x4 is one of our most popular models and includes 16 individual sensing points. These sensor points (or taxels) mimic a joystick, measuring X, Y, and Z force:

• Shear forces (X, Y) tangential to the surface
• Normal force (Z) perpendicular to the surface

Providing you with a more detailed and accurate data collection.

Sensor Construction
Outerlayer, Elastomer & Chip

The outer shell serves the purpose of protection but can be modified for different applications.

Soft elastomer ensures that the sensor is highly resilient to overloading, which makes uSkin very durable. Another feature that the “Soft Skin” adds to the sensor is the ability to conform to the object that your robotic solution is trying to grasp

The Chip recognises displacement in three dimensions. Each sensor module includes a multitude of these chips, and each chip can measure 3D displacement individually.