About XELA

We Provide the Human Sense of Touch to Robots

XELA Robotics has a strong academic background, having originated as a spin-out from Waseda University, one of the top universities in Tokyo. With a team that boasts over 70 years of combined experience in the field of tactile sensing, XELA Robotics is at the forefront of developing advanced tactile AI technologies.

We offer industry-disrupting technology with our tactile sensors, creating new possibilities for businesses in the assembly, packaging, and agriculture fields. Due to a rapidly ageing population, we must find a solution to sustain the productivity of our economy with fewer people available in the workforce.

Our dream is to have robots that will assist humans in their daily activities to make their lives easier and more productive. Unfortunately, the reality remains that robots are still very clumsy and not yet ready for many tasks. XELA Robotics provides a part of this solution. Our company developed uSkin, a high-density 3-axis tactile sensor in a thin, soft, durable package with minimal wiring. uSkin can be easily integrated into both new and existing robots.

This provides robots with a human-like sense of touch, which gives them the ability to grasp and manipulate objects with precision. Every skin sensor patch includes many sensors, and every sensor can measure 3-axis force, not only pressure, and can be customised for your specific application. 

Our Team

We are a hardware and software company specialised in tactile sensing technology, established to provide the human sense of touch to robots.

Dr. Alexander Schmitz

Co-Founder | CEO

Dr. Tito Pradhono Tomo

Co-Founder | CTO

Dr. Sophon Somlor

Co-Founder | CPO

Dr. Shuji Hashimoto


Prof. Shigeki Sugano


Dr. Hiromichi Fujisawa


Atsuko Tsuriya

Administration & HR

Matthias Kuus

Software Engineer

Dr. Satoshi Funabashi

Software Engineer

Joshua van Egmond

Marketing Manager

Company Profile

Company Name
XELA Robotics Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Dr. Alexander Schmitz
Office Address
Shinjuku Lambdax Building 5/F Room 501, 2-4-12 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan
Registered Address
1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051 Japan
Date Founded
August 2018


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